Congregation Anshi S’fard is an Orthodox synagogue located in Atlanta, in the Morningside and Virginia Highlands neighborhoods. Anshi S’fard was founded in 1911 to provide a home for Hasidic worship and fellowship for Jews from Poland, Galicia and the Ukraine who had settled in Atlanta – it’s the oldest Orthodox synagogue in Atlanta.We are a small, haimish congregation, where everyone is welcome. Our congregants include a wide array of professionals, artisans, and academics, singles, families, Holocaust survivors, grandparents, and retirees. Some congregants were raised as observant Jews, while others are just discovering Judaism. Rabbi Chaim Lindenblatt has been our Rabbi since 2001.

Home hospitality for Shabbat is available. If you would like to stay in the Virginia Highlands/Morningside neighborhood for all of Shabbat, please contact Hospitality.